Animals in French: As-tu un animal?

Animals in French:

 Qu’est-ce que c’est?  What is it?
Look closely at the images on the video clip.  What do you see?
Learn the names of animals in French:  Pets, farm animals, and several other animals too:
Look out for animals, birds, beetles, spiders … They’re everywhere. 

Free French Video Clip:  Listening Practice in context for children to join in with –  Images of real animals with short phrases and subtitles in French and English.

French Animal Vocabulary:
Animaux domestiques (Pets):

un poisson (m)   a fish
un chien (m)        a dog
un chat (m)          a cat
un lapin (m)         a rabbit
un cochon d’Inde (m)  a pig
un hamster (m)  a hamster

Animaux de la ferme: Farm Animals:
un canard (m)    a duck
un dindon (m)   a turkey
un coq( m)           a cockerel
une vache (f)      a cow
un cheval (m)     a horse
(cheval changes to chevaux in the plural)
un mouton (m)  a sheep
un cochon (m)   a pig
un âne (m)           a donkey
une chèvre (f)   a goat
une poule (f)     a hen

Other animals:
un caméléon (m)  a chameleon
un serpent (m)      a snake
un héron (m)          a heron
une mouette (f)    a seagull
un lézard (m)         a lizard
un écureuil (m)     a squirrel
un hibou (m)           a heron
un crabe (m)           a crab
une araignée (f)    a spider
un papillon (m)     a butterfly

Which animals, birds, insects do you see on a regular basis?
Do you pass any on your way to school? Are there always the same birds in the sky? Do you have a pet? Does a neighbour have one?
Would you spot the heron in the video clip below if you were going by?
Take a look at the world around you and record what you see which is not human!
Look up the names in French and write them down.
They might be:
Un pigeon (m)       a  pigeon
Un renard (m)       a  fox
Un moineau (m)   a  sparrow
Un rat (m)                a  rat
Un écureuil (m)    a  squirrel
Un scarabée (m)  a  beetle

Watch, learn and join in with the video in sections.  Eg:  Pets one day,  Farm Animals another etc…  Do not try to tackle too much in one go.
Pause and repeat as much as you need to, and join in:

The first video has only French subtitles, the second is a repeat with French AND English on the screen:

Excerpts from the Video Clip:

As-tu un animal?
Do you have a pet?
Oui, j’ai un poisson
Yes, I have a fish
Non, je n’ai pas d’animal
No, I do not have a pet
J’aime les araignées
I like spiders
Tu aimes les araignées?
Do you like spiders?
Non, je n’aime pas les araignées.
No, I do not like spiders
Je préfère les cochons d’Inde
I prefer guinea pigs
– – –
Moi, je n’ai pas d’animal …
I don’t have a pet …
mais j’aime les papillons.
but I like butterflies.
– – –
Qu’est-ce que c’est?
What is it?
C’est un héron!
It’s a heron!
Qu’est-ce que c’est?
What is it?
C’est une souris!
It’s a mouse!

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