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French and Spanish Songs for Children

Help pre-school children to start learning French and Spanish by listening and joining in with traditional songs and lullabies.
Nursery rhymes and children’s songs in a different language are often quite complicated and difficult to hear and join in with, but it is fun and interesting to learn about what children do and sing in other cultures.
The first resources on A Green Mouse were an album of twelve French and Spanish songs recorded with English translations and lots of repetition for young English-speaking children to listen to and gradually join in with. This album is still currently available on  SpotifyiTunes and Apple Music.

All A Green Mouse songs are freely available on Youtube,  the twelve from the original album + one or two more Spanish songs.

For more information about the songs, including actions, printed lyrics and English translations go to
A Green Mouse French Songs
A Green Mouse Spanish Songs


Mis Manitas – Gentle clapping song:

Promenons-nous dans les bois
Similar to ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf’, children must ask the wolf what he is doing:  Que fais-tu?
The dog in the video is Billy.  Billy is Maggie’s son.  Find out more about them via  the story pages.

There are still a few CDs available.
Email:  1agreenmouse@gmail.com  if you would like one.

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A Green Mouse French & Spanish songs for children