A Green Mouse Songs

French and Spanish Songs for Children

Free French and Spanish Songs recorded at an accessible pace for young English-speaking children to hear and pronounce sounds in French and Spanish and enjoy learning some traditional French and Spanish tunes.

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A Green Mouse French & Spanish songs for children

Examples of A Green Mouse Spanish songs:

1. Mis Manitas – Gentle clapping song:

2. Cielito Lindo – Traditional Mexican Song + Guitar Chords:

Examples of A Green Mouse French songs:

  1. Promenons-nous dans les bois
    Similar to ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf’, children must ask the wolf what he is doing:  Que fais-tu?
    The dog in the video is Billy.  He has listened to these songs all his life and jumps up whenever he hears them.
    Billy is Maggie’s son.  Find out more about them via  the stories.

‘Une Souris Verte’ is a traditional French nursery rhyme.  Sing along to learn the ‘U’ sound from words like ‘une’ or ‘tu’, and the ‘R’ sound in ‘verte’:

Listen for FREE to all the songs:
A Green Mouse French Songs
A Green Mouse Spanish Songs

Or visit iTunes for an album of 12 of the songs which includes additional English explanations and translation tracks: