French & Spanish Songs

French and Spanish songs for children

This is a collection of 12 French and Spanish songs and nursery rhymes, with English translation tracks, for young English-speaking children to learn together in a pre-school music group or with their parents at home.

The actions, constant repetition, and English translations, help children to learn the songs, join in, and sing along for early listening and oral practice.

All the songs, translation tracks and printed lyrics  are available for FREE on the separate French and Spanish song pages:
French Songs for Kids
Spanish Songs for Kids

The album is available on:  iTunes

Watch and join in with two of the songs which have been put on youtube (A Green Mouse Youtube Channel):

  Spanish:  MIS MANITAS
image for Spanish song for kids Mis Manitas

Gentle Spanish lullaby:


image of French nursery rhyme Pomme de Reinette

This rhyme is popular in French nursery schools:   The lemur on the video clip ‘tries’ his best, but is not very accurate ..!
Do the actions and join in:





Main French and Spanish Pages:
French for Children
Spanish for Children

Youtube Channel:  A Green Mouse

Example of an online French resource:
(also available in Spanish)

Example of an online Spanish resource:
(also available in French)

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