Animals in Spanish: Pets, farm animals & more

Animals in Spanish:

Learn the vocabulary for pets, farm animals, and other animals, including some you might see on the way to school, in Spanish:
– Spanish video clip with images of real animals in context with short phrases to listen to and join in with:
–  Video Transcript
–  Animal Vocabulary in Spanish and English

Would you spot the heron hidden under the bridge if you were going by?

Animales en casa  =  
un perro (m)            a dog
un gato  (m)              a cat
un pez  (m)                a fish
un conejo (m)          a rabbit
un conejillo de Indias (m)  a guinea pig
un ratón  (m)            a mouse
un hámster
     a hamster

Animales  =  Animals:
un cameleón (m)    a chameleon
una serpiente (f)    a snake
una garza (f)             a heron
una gaviota (f)         a seagull
una lagartija (f)       a lizard
una ardilla (f)           a squirrel
un búho (m)              an owl
un cangrejo (m)      a crab

En la granja  =  On the farm:
un pato (m)              a duck
un pavo (m)              a turkey
una vaca (f)               a cow
un caballo (m)         a horse
una oveja (f)             a sheep
una cabra (f)             a goat
un cerdo (m)             a pig
un burro (m)             a donkey
un gallo (m)               a cockerel

Which animals, birds, insects do you see on a regular basis?  Do you pass any on your way to school?  Are there always the same birds in the sky?  Do you have a pet?  Does a neighbour have one?
Take a look at the world around you and record what you see which is not human!
Find out what the names are in Spanish and write them down.
They might be:
Una paloma (f)          a pigeon
Un zorro (m)               a fox
Un gorrión (m)           a sparrow
Una rata (f)                  a rat
Una ardilla (f)             a squirrel
Un escarabajo (m)   a beetle

Animales in Spanish video clip:

Subtitles in Spanish AND English

2.  Repeat with NO English subtitles:

Animales en casa – Pets:
¿Tienes un animal en casa?
=  Do you have a pet?
¡Sí, tengo un pez!
Yes, I have a fish!
No, no tengo un animal en casa.
No, I don’t have a pet.

¿Te gustan las arañas?
=  Do you like spiders?
No, no me gustan
No, I don’t like them
Prefiero los conejillos de Indias.
I prefer guinea pigs.

En la granja –  On the farm:
¿Qué hay en la granja?
What is there on the farm?
Hay vacas …
There are cows …

Más animales – More animals:
¿Eso qué es?    What is it?
Es una serpiente
It’s a snake

¿Qué es?     What is it?
Es una lagartija
It’s a lizard
– – – –

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