About A Green Mouse

A Green Mouse was set up by Susie Mair, BA Joint Honours (French and Spanish), PGCE, to give students the chance to practise their listening and oral skills before exposure in public.
The project began in August 2011 with a small collection of songs for young children and their parents, before going online in 2012 to share free KS2 + KS3 French and Spanish video clips and associated resources.

This free French and Spanish website provides access to comprehensible French and Spanish practice for beginner and intermediate language learners.
The resources are made in-house, and there is a preference for subtitles on all the video clips to link sound to words, for reading practice and to aid understanding.

Member of the UK Department for Education Expert Committee on Language, and former Ofsted Inspector, John Bald, states:
“A Green Mouse is an inspiring, free resource that gives lots of interesting, free practice to everyone wishing to learn Spanish and French”

A Green Mouse has been mentioned several times on John Bald’s blog, the Las Fallas, for example, a wonderful Spanish festival in Valencia, Spain.

Susie is English, born in South America, the daughter of a Canadian mother and an English father born in Spain.  This is a photograph of her with her sisters as a young fallera infantil in Valencia, Spain:

Image of a 1960s fallera infantil

Two of Susie’s children started their education in France, and her youngest child was a baby in Argentina.

A Green Mouse was welcomed as a Content Partner on The Times Educational Supplement in September 2012.
Here are a few examples of reviews on tesConnect, including by the TES Resources Teams:
Spanish Vowel Sounds
Parts of the body in French
Ser and Estar
Describe yourself in French
Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

TES Connect
Times Educational Supplement Magazine February 2013:

image of A Green Mouse article in the Times Educational Supplement

A Green Mouse is listed as an ‘Inspiring Project’ on the Speak to the Future Campaign Website:
A Green Mouse 

Index of resources:

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New free resources are added on a regular basis.

ALL images, recordings, videos are subject to copyright.

Just two videos about modal verbs in French and Spanish: Je veux, je peux, je dois, and ¡Querer, tener, poder! – include some acknowledged third party Fifa music, to set the football theme.

Email: info@agreenmouse.com
Youtube Channel:  A Green Mouse

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