About A Green Mouse

A Green Mouse began with a small collection of French and Spanish songs for a pre-school music group, before moving online to share free online French and Spanish listening resources.

The aim is to provide accessible practice for any interested child or beginner/intermediate student, preferably for use before, during, or after class, freely available for all, with or without a teacher.

ALL images, recordings and videos are subject to copyright.

Contact email: info@agreenmouse.com
Youtube Channel:  A Green Mouse

A Green Mouse was welcomed as a Content Partner on the Times Educational Supplement in September 2012, and is listed as an ‘Inspiring Project’ on Speak to the Future:  A Green Mouse 

Member of the UK Department for Education Expert Committee on Language, John Bald, states:
“A Green Mouse is an inspiring, free resource that gives lots of interesting, free practice to everyone wishing to learn Spanish and French”

A Green Mouse has been mentioned several times by John Bald on his blog, the Las Fallas, for example.

image of fallera infantil

This photograph of a goldfinch chick appears in the first blog post on A Green Mouse.  It represents all that A Green Mouse stands for:

Image of Goldfinch chick feeding
.                  We all want our little guys to fly!

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New free resources are added on a regular basis.