About A Green Mouse

A Green Mouse is a free French & Spanish website for children, teachers and beginners created by Susie Mair, BA Jt Hons (Mod Langs) PGCE.
It was named after a French nursery rhyme:  Une Souris Verte!

Welcomed as a Content Partner on the Times Educational Supplement website in September 2012, A Green Mouse offers children and beginners anywhere the chance to listen to French & Spanish in context without being overwhelmed.
FREE access to short, manageable French & Spanish listening/oral practice.

New free resources are added on a regular basis.
There is also an album of French & Spanish songs for children under 8: A Green Mouse

Email: info@agreenmouse.com

Index of all the French and Spanish resources:
Free French for Children

Free Spanish for Children

What a wonderful world!

It’s a wonderful world – Go on, fly!

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ALL images, recordings, videos and photographs are the work and property of A Green Mouse.
Just two videos about modal verbs in French and Spanish: Je veux, je peux, je dois, and ¡Querer, tener, poder! - include some acknowledged third party music, to set the football theme!

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