About A Green Mouse

A Green Mouse is a free online French and Spanish website.
It takes its name from a French nursery rhyme, ‘Une souris verte’, and began with a small collection of French and Spanish songs for a pre-school music group.
It was set up formally in March 2012 to make access to French and Spanish listening and oral practice available to any interested student.
All the resources are home-grown and subject to copyright.
A Green Mouse was created by Susie Mair, BA Jt Hons (Mod Langs), PGCE.

Image of Susie Mair

Email: info@agreenmouse.com
Twitter: @1AGreenMouse
Youtube Channel:  A Green Mouse

Member of the UK Department for Education Expert Committee on Language, and former Ofsted Inspector, John Bald, states:
“A Green Mouse is an inspiring, free resource that gives lots of interesting, free practice to everyone wishing to learn Spanish and French”

John has posted generous comments about A Green Mouse on his blog, the latest on Las Fallas, a wonderful Spanish festival in Valencia, Spain, which Susie, a pupil at the Lycée Français de Valence at the time, participated in as a child:

Image of me as a fallera

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New free resources are added on a regular basis.

ALL images, recordings, videos and photographs belong to A Green Mouse and are subject to copyright.

Just two videos about modal verbs in French and Spanish: Je veux, je peux, je dois, and ¡Querer, tener, poder! – include some acknowledged third party Fifa music, to set the football theme.