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What a wonderful world!

It’s a wonderful world – Go on, fly!

Named after a French nursery rhyme, ‘Une Souris Verte’, A Green Mouse is a free French & Spanish website for children, teachers and beginners created by Susie Mair BA Jt Hons (Mod Langs) PGCE.

Welcomed as a Content Partner on the Times Educational Supplement website in September 2012, A Green Mouse offers children and beginners anywhere the chance to listen to French & Spanish in context without being overwhelmed.

FREE access to short, manageable French & Spanish listening/oral practice.

The priority above all is listening practice for students to join in with, but the resources are also supported by online transcripts, vocabulary and exercises which are straightforward and traditional in style.
New free resources are added on a regular basis.

An iTunes album of French & Spanish songs for children under 8 is also included: A Green Mouse

Email: info@agreenmouse.com

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ALL images, recordings, videos and photographs are the work and property of A Green Mouse.
Just two videos about modal verbs in French and Spanish: Je veux, je peux, je dois, and ¡Querer, tener, poder! - include some acknowledged third party music, to set the football theme!

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