French & Spanish for Children

Free French and Spanish for children aged 7 – 14 for use on tablets, computers and whiteboards, and songs for children under 7.

Mission:  Accessible French and Spanish Listening Practice
Helpful listening and oral practice before and/or after class
Language Practice in engaging visual contexts, with subtitles.

The resources are for homework, independent practice and revision, lesson starters, use in class, creative ideas for students, and ‘flipped learning’.
French and Spanish stories, grammar, topics, activities and vocabulary, with subtitled video clips in French and Spanish for students to join in with.

Member of the UK Department for Education Expert Committee on Language, and former Ofsted Inspector, John Bald, states:
“A Green Mouse is an inspiring, free resource that gives lots of interesting, free practice to everyone wishing to learn Spanish and French”

A Green Mouse became a Content Partner on TES in September 2012, and was delighted to be mentioned in their February 2013 Magazine:

image of A Green Mouse article in the Times Educational Supplement

Access to all Resources:
French for Children
Spanish for Children

Tasters in SPANISH

1.  Introduction to Food in Spanish:  Breakfast, lunch, tea …
Click  El Desayuno, El Almuerzo, La Merienda, La Cena   to see the video in context with vocabulary and follow-up questions. Everything is online and free.

2.  Meet Billy in Spanish:  Find out about his family, where he lives, his interests and his friends
Click  ¡Hola!  Me llamo Billy   to read the words online and answer free comprehension questions.

Tasters in FRENCH:

1. A friendly ‘story’ about an old dog who compares himself to a younger, faster one.  Click Comparisons in French to read through the grammar next to the video clip and answer free online questions.

2. French Food and Drink Practice:

Eating out, in a restaurant, in the open air, takeaways, and doing chores at home.
Click Going to a café in French for a second video clip with each phrase repeated twice, a video transcript, and online comprehension questions.

3.  Meet Billy in French!  Find out about his family, where he lives, his interests and his friends.  Click Je m’appelle Billy for comprehension questions and the video transcript:

More examples of the range of resources:
Spanish:  Ser and Estar for Beginners
French:    Avoir Practice: J’ai

More Advanced:
Spanish:  Spanish Listening Practice: Las Fallas
French:    Reflexive Verbs in French

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