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“A Green Mouse is an inspiring, free resource that gives lots of interesting, free practice to everyone wishing to learn Spanish and French”

A Green Mouse shares a number of resources on the Times Educational Supplement as a Content Partner since 2012, and was given a mention in the February 2013 issue of their magazine:

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Here are a few examples of reviews on tesConnect, including by the TES Resources Teams:
Spanish Vowel Sounds
Parts of the body in French
Ser and Estar
Describe yourself in French
Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

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French for Children
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Taster in SPANISH
Introduction to Food in Spanish:  Breakfast, lunch, tea …
Click  El Desayuno, El Almuerzo, La Merienda, La Cena   to see the video in context with vocabulary and follow-up questions.

Taster in FRENCH:
French Food and Drink Practice:  Click Going to a café in French for a second video clip with each phrase repeated twice, a video transcript, and online comprehension questions.

More examples of the range of resources:
Spanish:  Ser and Estar for Beginners
French:    Avoir Practice: J’ai

More Advanced:
Spanish:  Spanish Listening Practice: Las Fallas
French:    Reflexive Verbs in French

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–  “Excellent travail – J’utilise vos vidéos avec succès auprès d’étudiants adultes analphabètes ou de niveau préalable en français langue seconde .”  (youtube)

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